Client Spotlight

We’re proud to work with some of the best boutique and multi-location fitness studios in America.

Web Integration

Sweat Cycling Studio

Massachusetts based Sweat Cycling Studio needed their new Mariana Tek platform integrated into their existing squarespace website. IPSTUDIO delivered an on brand, seamless experience through custom coded styling. 

Digital Transformation 


Newport Beach based GRITCYCLE needed a new booking system integrated and a server that could handle thousands of visitors without crashing like their previous site. IPSTUDIO integrated Mariana Tek and upgraded their servers to VPS to provide a more robust and scalable hosting platform.

Website Design + Development


Boutique boxing studio BOXHAUS needed an all new website, booking system and marketing integration solution for their new studio. IPSTUDIO delivered a total solution including WordPress x FITMETRIX x Mailchimp custom designed and developed.

Digital Transformation 

RIDE Indoor Cycling

RIDE needed an all new booking system integrated, new CMS and ground up-rebuild of their existing website. The client needed the web UI / UX to be an exact match. IPSTUDIO integrated Mariana Tek, built a WordPress site on VPS servers and delivered to near 100% accuracy. 

Digital Transformation 

The Handlebar Indoor Cycling

Boston Based Handlebar Cycling studio needed an all new Mariana Tek booking system integrated and website rebuild on WordPress Platform. The client needed a seamless transition to the new platform and IPSTUDIO delivered to nearly 100% accuracy.

Web Development + Integration

MNDFL Meditation

MNDFL Meditation needed an all new Mariana Tek web integration for their 4 studios across NYC. IPSTUDIO integrated, styled and delivered an on-brand seamless experience custom built on their existing GitHub hosted site.

CSS – Custom Styling

The Verve Indoor Cycling

VERVE Cycling Studio needed an already installed integration styled to match their brand style visually and stylistically. Through custom coded CSS, IPSTUDIO was able to deliver on brand, seamless design that provides a cohesive web experience.

Digital Transformation 

Zephyr Cycling Studio

Bozeman, MT based Zephyr Cycling Studio was changing its booking technology and to integrate multiple platforms in addition to custom styling. IPSTUDIO delivered a seamless and branded experience using Mariana Tek x Performance IQ softwares hosted on WordPress.

Web Integration

Karma Yoga SF

San Francisco based Karma Yoga needed their new Mariana Tek platform integrated into their existing squarespace website. IPSTUDIO delivered an on brand, seamless experience through custom coded styling. 

Custom Coded Calendar – JSON

MNDFL Meditation

MNDFL Meditation a multi-studio NYC fixture hosts many events and needed a calendar for their GitHub hosted site. Working with the client IPSTUDIO designed and developed a custom coded JSON calendar that is in tune with their brand, style and needs.

Web Integration


NYC fitness staple FHITTING ROOM needed their new Mariana Tek booking platform integrated into their existing Fitmetrix x HubSpot website. IPSTUDIO was able to maintain their web style, features and function with an all new platform.

Website Design + Development


NYC cool temp fitness studio BRRRN was rebranding their business and needed a seamless website re-design that was timely and on point. IPSTUDIO was able to customize their booking system CSS and website styling to match their all new brand without a hitch.

Website Design + Development

Ekam Pilates

Ekam Pilates needed a new WordPress website + MINDBODY web integration and styling for their new Pilates Studio in Newport Beach, CA. IPSTUDIO worked with the client to capture their vision on a custom developed WordPress website.

Shopify Development

5Meter Water Polo

Olympic Water Polo coach Genai Kerr needed custom styling, features and functions to make his shopify webstore easier to use and more intuitive. Working with IPSTUDIO we were able to help increase conversions and deliver a targeted, effective eCommerce solution.

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