Grow your client base, brand and revenue with IPSTUDIO’s fully integrated Appointments tool.


Web, iOS


Mariana Tek


Unlimited appointments, 1:1 or Room Based Appointments


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Built for fitness

From 1:1 yoga to infrared saunas, Appointments by IPSTUDIO™ handles your 1:1 and room based appointments helping your business grow while you help your clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Integrated or standalone

Embed a widget into your website, or, use the standalone branded booking page powered by IPSTUDIO.


Mariana Tek iOS 5th tab integrated appointments on the fly.

Goodbye, manual appointments

The days of manually setting and managing appointments are gone.

Online booking

Customers can book online or in-app

Booking confirmations

Automatic branded booking confirmation emails.

Integrated Payments

Use Mariana Tek credits or memberships

Single Sign on

Sign in with Mariana Tek credentials

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