Zoom Automate

Event creation and distribution for some or all of your Mariana Tek livestream classes with Live by IPSTUDIO™ x Zoom. The days of manually managing Zoom URLs are over.


Mariana Tek



Login, Schedule, Instructors, Meetings


Single Sign On (SSO), unlimited automations, automate-all, instructor notification, teams

Built for Fitness

Live by IPSTUDIO™ x Zoom integration that helps studio owners & operators do more in less time so that they can focus on what matters most, clients and studio. IPSTUDIO helps bridge the gap between Zoom and Mariana Tek making event creation and meeting distribution possible in seconds.
Add to ZOOM

One click automation

A super simple user interface makes getting setup and running Live by IPSTUDIO easy, quick and effective. Automate some or all of your Zoom livestream events in as little as one click.

Fully integrated

Live by IPSTUDIO™ creates and injects Zoom meetings into your Mariana Tek schedule admin then distributes the URL to all clients who booked and paid for your livestream session.

Pro Features

With Live by IPSTUDIO™ Pro, unlock the power of teams, instructor email notifications, multiple zoom account integration and more. Interested in pro service? Click here.

Event Creation

Automate one or all of your Zoom Livestream events.

Event Distribution

Zoom meetings delivered to customers before class.

Teacher Notifications

Zoom meeting url delivered to the scheduled instructor.

Team Management

Restrict access to specific locations and Zoom accounts.

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